Blueland Bathroom Starter Set


The Blueland Bathroom Starter Set helps you change the messy and dirty room in the house into the cleanest. Our Bathroom Cleaner is all power and no plastic, utilizing plant-based ingredients to wash away soap scum and grime without harsh chemicals quickly. Add water to the bottle, drop in a tablet, and watch your bathroom sparkle with cleanliness. With this starter set, you’ll have everything you need to make your bathroom as clean as new.

Compostable Hemp and Loofah Kitchen Eco Dish Sponges, Set of 10


Our Compostable Hemp and Loofah Kitchen Eco Dish Sponges are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly kitchen. Made from all-natural materials, this set of 10 compostable sponges includes a bamboo and bristle dish brush, a bonus hemp face washcloth, and loofah and hemp scrubbers.