ECO Battery Bin – Test & Recycle Batteries AAA, AA, C, and D


The ECO Battery Bin is the perfect tool to help make your home or office more efficient and eco-friendly. It shows you how much life your batteries still contain and safely stores the dead ones until they can be recycled. This helps to boost recycling rates and prevents usable batteries from being thrown away in the trash. Its compact size and modern design make it a perfect addition to any space. The ECO Battery Bin helps you to use batteries more efficiently and contributes to a more sustainable environment.

PET N PET Dog Poop Bags, USDA-Certified Biobased Dog Waste Bags


PET N PET Dog Poop Bags are the perfect pet waste solution for environmentally-conscious pet owners. Our extra thick and leak-proof poop bags are made with USDA Certified biobased materials, and feature a large 9×13 inch size, flat bottom design, and reinforced edges to hold all sizes of pet waste easily. Our bags are also made with recycled materials in the packaging and roll core, making them an excellent choice for pet owners looking to reduce the environmental impact of pet waste disposal. With PET N PET Dog Poop Bags, you can keep your pet’s waste off the ground and help reduce the environmental impact.